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Urthbox Snacks

Urthbox Snacks

As promised, I have tried the remainder of my snacks from my Urthbox including the drinks.

The coconut water with pineapple juice flavor is not new to me. I have purchase that coconut water flavor in the past and I really enjoyed it.

The fuel f

or fire fruit and protein triple berry drink is thick in consistency with no sugar added and gluten free.

I took it along with me when I worked the grave yard shift.I wasn't as tired and I was able to stay fully awake throughout my shift.

This is one of my favorite snacks made with Acai berries, raspberries and dates.

It has a pasty consistency. I love the blend of fruits and how it covers the taste of dates. I am not a big fan of dates but the berries over powers the taste where I can tolerate it.

My second favorite is this Banana bread Biscotti. It melts in your mouth with a soft texture.

As you guys know if you have been following my blog, that I love seasonings. These Twice Baked pretzels hit the spot with the blend of seasonings in each pretzel.

I also enjoyed these Baked Crunchy Chickpeas snacks.I can taste the sweet barbecue in each peas.

My last snack is these half popped popcorn kernel. These are amazing. I am still trying to figure out how  they popped these kernels without popping them all the way.

These chocolate straws were also included in my box. These would be suitable and fun for the kids.

My family and I have enjoyed and are still enjoying this snack box from



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