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Healthy Salmon Homemade Sandwich

Healthy Salmon Homemade Sandwich

For the past couple of days my daughter and I have been complaining about eating meat but mainly chicken. Every year when the weather gets warm I get tired of cooking and eating meat and chicken and I just eat a lot of fruits.So today she said to me how about making a grilled salmon sandwich with a homemade dressing. I figured why not, it sounds healthy and it's a change of menu. I was up for the challenge, especially with making the homemade sauce.

I used the following ingredients:

2 pieces of salmon

2 lemons/limes

Coconut cooking oil

Clo's Seafood seasoning mix

Clo's Homemade Seasoning  includes:

Lemon pepper seasoning,fish seasoning,old bay seasoning,fish seasoning,garlic salt, basil,dried celery,chili powder.


Place the frozen salmon pieces in

a large bowl of warm water

with 1 squeezed lemon to thaw.

Remove from water and rinse with cool water.

Preheat toaster oven on broil at 400 degrees and

set the timer for 45 minutes or your regular oven.

Finely slice the second lemon and set aside

Place pieces into a large dish

For your toaster oven, line the oven tray

with a piece of foil

Coat both sides of the salmon with

a very small amount of coconut oil

(oil of your choice)

Sprinkle and cover both sides with Clo's seasoning

Sprinkle some basil


Place the  pieces of salmon onto

the covered tray a few inches apart.

Cover each salmon with 2-3 slices of lemon

depending on the size of the pieces.

After 22 minutes or when it starts to get some

color ,flip the salmon and switch the lemons

to the top of the salmon.

Continue cooking for the remainder of the 45 mn

In the meanwhile, start working on the

Homemade Dressing.


2 tbsp of sweet relish

1 tbsp of yellow mustard

1 1/2Mayonaise

1tsp of basil paste

A few sprinkles of Clo's seasoning

Old Bay seasoning

Preparing the dressing:

In a bowl add 1 1/2 cup of mayonnaise

2 tbsp of Relish

Sprinkle Clo's seasoning to your taste

2 sprinkles of basil

1 tbsp of mustard

Chili pepper

Old Bay seasoning

Sprinkle a small amount of old bay seasoning

Mix all ingredients using a small spatula

and refrigerate

Sandwich garnishments:


2 Romaine lettuce leaves

1/4 of a cucumber

Wash your cucumber and finely slice

8 slices and set aside in a bowl

Wash the romaine lettuce leaves and

set it on a dry paper towel

Your oven timer should be going off

right about now.

Remove the salmon pieces and place them

on a cutting board 

Remove the lemon pieces

Slice the pieces of salmon in the shape of strips

Sandwich Prep

:Remove the bowl with the homemade dressing

from the refrigerator

Open the bread and place it on a plate

Brush the insides of the bread

both the left and the right with the sauce

Place 4 slices of cucumber along t

he right side of the bun

Place the lettuce leaf in the center of the bun

Place a couple of pieces of salmon

in the center of the lettuce

Pour some of the homemade sauce

over the salmon

Cut in half and serve.


Video tutorial now available:


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