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Burger Press Review

Burger Press Review

This new kitchen gadget is very budget friendly. Safe for the kids to use, they can have their own gadget. You can actually make it an activity with the kids since they are home for the summer. It is also perfect for this time of the year, "Barbecue Season". It is dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

My new gadget is the "Burger Press". It was one

of my birthday presents from my daughter. 

I love it so far. The benefit is that I can make my own perfectly round stuffed burgers. I can prep different burger style by incorporating different flavors.

The burger press comes in three pieces

1 Burger press which is used for shaping the burger by pressing the meat down into the mold. It is the heaviest piece in the set. 

Stuffed burger press

The mold comes in two circle pieces that you can

take apart to remove the burger once it has been

molded into a circle and also to clean the gadget.

It is very easy to use and you can make your own

homemade burger just the way you

and your family want it.

Can be stored in a draw after each use. 

I am thinking about so many recipes that I want

to try this summer including veggie burgers

I have a few ideas already.

I have included a review below with three quick

recipe tutorials.


What is your favorite burger flavor?

Stuffed Burger Press available in the link below:

Let me know how your burger turned out and

what ingredient you used to stuff it.

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