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Amazing Fries French Fries Cutter

Amazing Fries French Fries Cutter

This review is for French Fries Lovers. I know most of us purchase our french fries from fast food places because its already prepared. I came across this french fry cutter kitchen gadget known as "The Amazing Fries" and on the box it says that it cuts fresh fries within seconds. Well let's see how amazing this gadget is and how long it will take me to cut my fries.

"The Amazing Fries" comes in 2 red dishwasher safe pieces.

The top piece has tiny griddles like a waffle plate.

The bottom piece has sharp metal squares.

So let's put it to the test with a freshly washed medium sized potato.

According to the directions; the potato has to be cut in half. I guess if you use a whole potato it would be a challenge to cut the fries.

I placed half of my potato on the

bottom piece;

I covered the potato with the top piece and I applied pressure.

Unfortunately with left hand holding the bottom piece and my top hand applying pressure,

nothing  happened. The potato did not move and there were no fries.

I pounded on it a few times and I finally cut symmetrical fries!

The second half of the potato was much more challenging.

My Thoughts:

This kitchen gadget is not as amazing as the manufacture's marketing. It surely takes way more than a few seconds to cut some fries.

This is suitable for someone with a lot of muscle strength and time.

I would rather manually cut the fries with a knife than use "The Amazing Fries".

What is your preference Homemade Fries or Fast Food fries?

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