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Spinach Omelet Recipe

Spinach Omelet Recipe

I wanted a healthy breakfast this morning. I came up with this spinach omelet which includes vitamins and protein.

1/2 tomato


1/3 cup  of fresh baby spinach

1/3 piece of onion

3 Green onions

2 medium eggs of your choice

Brown eggs

1/3 cup of milk (optional)

2 tsps of butter

1 pinch of salt


Real bacon bits (for flavor)


First wash all vegetables with cool water.

Finely chop all vegetables and set aside in a bowl

Whisk eggs in a seperate bowl with salt, pepper and milk.


Preheat on medium heat 1 tsp of butter in a nonstick frying pan

Add green onions,onion and tomato and stir

Add 1 tbsp of Real Bacon Bits (optional)

FYI. For vegetarians do not add Bacon Bits

Once it starts to simmer, add spinach and stir

Once it starts to simmer add eggs

Optional: Grated cheese

With your spatula, make sure to spread the vegetables evenly

Cook on medium to low heat

Lift the side to check to see if omelet is cooked enough to flip

Fold over half of the omelet

Press down with spatula to seal.

Video tutorial is now available below!


Serve with buttered toasts or biscuits.

Spinach omelet


What is your favorite omelet?

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