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Spinach Wrap Appetizer Recipe

Spinach Wrap Appetizer Recipe

I love spinach wraps because of its nutrients and I also enjoy seafood. My daughter and I , we both were hungry but did not know what to eat. On that day we did not care much for meat nor a heavy meal. I always have spinach wraps in my pantry since my daughter enjoys making sandwiches wraps with them. I also had just purchased a pack of imitation chunks of crab and lobster meat. I put on my thinking cap and came up with this delicious simple and quick recipe. Hope you enjoy or try it!


2 large spinach wraps

1/2 cup of crab meat

1/2 cup of lobster meat


2 green onions finely chopped

1 medium tomato finely chopped

Banana Peppers (optional)


In a large skillet preheat 1 tsp of oil

Add green seasoning and stir

Add seafood and stir

Cook on low heat while stirring

Cook for 5 Min

Preparing the Wrap

Place a spinach wrap on a large cutting board

Lightly spread some mayonnaise

Add the seafood in the center of the wrap

Top it off with some baby spinach

and tomatoes 

Since I like spicy foods, I added some

banana peppers along my wrap

You can use a dressing of your choice

o complement your wrap

My dressing of choice is vinaigrette

Close your wrap and cut them abou

t 1-1 1/2 inch thick and serve

For my deeping sauce I choose some

teryaki sauce which boosted the flavor.

It is totally fine to eat this delicious appetizer

without the deeping sauce.

It is not only delicious, it is healthy.

Who said that healthy is not tasty?

Spinach wrap appetizer
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