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Urthbox Review

Urthbox Review

We've all seen the delicious Urthbox advertisements and colorful photos, whether it was a review from your favorite YouTuber or while scrolling through Facebook during your leisure. I have always wanted to try out these healthy snacks. Imagine my excitement when "Urthbox"sent me a box full of healthy goodies to try. The snacks are all gluten free and lactose free.

Urthbox review

All of the products are delivered in its original full size; no sample pieces over here. Each box offers you a wide array of snacks ranging from chips and pretzels, to protein bars and drinks. What really amazed me was the Kale snacks which came in a variety of flavors.

Khale chips

All Urthbox snacks are organic.It compliments my healthy diet. Those of you who have been following my blog for a quite some time now, know that  I do a lot of juicing daily. My juicing recipes include either Kale or spinach which are rich in vitamin K and vitamin C as well as many of my favorite local fruits and vegetables. 

Cheddar flavor khale chips

Incorporating healthy snacks into my diet will help me to stay focused during my journey as well as savor my natural mid-day and midnight snack cravings. As with many individuals on their clean eating diets; snack is the only part of my meal plan that I haven't been able to maintain consistently due to the cost of healthy snacks. Urthbox is perfect for me because it is budget friendly and easily accessible since it comes directly to my front door each month. Now I can kick my Cheetos and Barbecue chips to the curb without having to sacrifice the delicious taste.

Khale and roasted garlic

Urthbox caters to a variety of diets such as: regular, classic and vegan. There is a box suitable for everyone. The box is so full that I have snacks for well over a month. I am still sampling as we speak. So far  the ones that I have sampled are delicious and very satisfying to my junk food craving taste buds. I have noticed that the Kale taste in the Kale snacks is not as strong as I thought it would be which is a good thing for me. 

I will be blogging weekly about these snacks as I go through the box and sample them. I will go more in depth as far as the taste, the ingredients and my thoughts.I can't wait to share the rest of the box with you guys.

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