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 Curry Potato Chips

Curry Potato Chips

I want to share this amazing snack that I found in the organic snack section. I was drawn to it because one the the main ingredient  is my favorite spice "Curry". The snack is called " Red Curry Potato Chips". 

I have never seen chips in that flavor so I was very excited to try it.As you guys know I love spicy seasonings. That has a lot to do with my Caribbean background.These chips are gluten free low in sodium and non GMO ( not genetically modified).

I can actually see the spices and parsley in each chip. The chips are thin and not chunky. Each bite has an exquisite curry flavor and the spices are right on point.

As you can see I purchased two bags of these chips.I truly enjoy these chips.If you love spicy snacks or foods, you should definitely try these.

 What is your favorite bag of chips?

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