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Flat Bread Veggie Sandwich

Flat Bread Veggie Sandwich

I am on my healthy eating journey this week.I am coming up with a few veggie recipes.This one was a total success.

1 Flat bread

1/4 cup of mushrooms

1/2 cup of fresh spinach

1 small tomato

3 teaspoons of green seasoning

1 tsp of oil

1/3 cup of coconut milk

1 bay leaf

3 pinches of salt

Black pepper

2 slices of provolone/mozzarella cheese

P.s you can also use grated cheese


Rinse vegetables under cool water 


Cut end of spinach stem and discard

Cut spinach into small pieces

Dice the tomato

Cut mushrooms in two pieces


Preheat oil in a skillet

Add green seasoning

Add tomato

Add salt

Add bay leaf

Add 2 sprinkles of pepper


Add spinach and stir

Make sure seasoning is spread throughout 

the spinach

Add coconut milk


Simmer covered on medium heat

Stir occasionally to prevent from sticking

Until all the coconut milk is gone.

Preparing the Sandwich

Preheat a large frying pan on medium heat

Warm up each side of the flat bread

Spread 1/2 of the veggie mixture on half of the bread

Add cheese

Spread second layer of veggie mixture

Make sure mixture is not close to the edges 

of the flat bread

Fold over other half

Press down with spatula

Cook on low heat covered for 30 seconds

Until cheese is melted.

Serve hot!


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