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Shrimp Vegetable Rice

Shrimp Vegetable Rice

What do you do with your leftover rice?Do you toss it or do you prepare another dish with it? I usually prepare another dish with it instead of tossing it the  next day. I wanted to share one of my rice recipes with you guys. It is simple and quick.


1/2 cup of mixed vegetables

1 tbsp of oil

3 pinch of salt

2 tbsp of green seasoning

2 cups of cooked white rice

1/2 cup of cooked medium size shrimp

1/4 piece of finely chopped onion

1 pack of goya sazon


Heat 1 tbsp of vegetable oil in a skillet

Add 2 tbsp of green seasoning

Add onion

Add sazon


Simmer on low heat for 1/2 min

Add shrimp

Add salt


Cook on medium heat until shrimp has golden color

Add rice

Add mix vegetables 


Simmer on low heat covered for 15mn

You got yourself a delicious seafood meal.


Flat Bread Veggie Sandwich

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