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Pre Seasoned Frozen Boneless Chicken

Pre Seasoned Frozen Boneless Chicken

I was grocery shopping last week when i came across this new bag of frozen chicken breast.It was different from the regular bag that i usually purchase. The difference was that it was pre seasoned with olive oil and sea salt with ice glaze.You guys know that i had to try it.

My first thought was that this would be perfect

for a busy household or a college student.

Let's try this chicken out.

The directions informed me that i can cook the chicken

without thawing it.

My first impression was not positive

because i have never cooked seasoned

frozen meat before.I always wash and

marinade all my meats.

So I skipped the prep step

I preheated the oven at 375 degrees

I placed the frozen pieces of chicken in a baking dish

P.S. I sprinkled a few dash of my salt free seasoning (optional)

I baked the chicken for 50mn since it was frozen

and I wanted my meat slightly dry

since i was going to prepare a sauce to go over it.

You can bake it for 45 mn

I would say that i was very impressed.

The taste was pretty good.

 I give this bag of chicken a thumbs up for time efficient.

I served my chicken over white rice

with a tomato and chilli sauce to add some heat to it.

What is your favorite chicken recipe?

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