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Dollar Tree Ribeye Steak Review

Dollar Tree Ribeye Steak Review

Hey guys! Did you know that your Dollar Tree has a frozen meat section? So far I have seen chicken legs and ribeye steak.Wow; and only for a dollar? Now you know I had to check that out. A regular Ribeye steak is about 15 to 20 bucks and in the restaurants maybe more. So I wanted to step it up with a nice juicy one dollar Ribeye Steak according to the picture on the package. So is it worth buying or not? Is it as delicious as the pic on the package? We will see after I put it to the test!

dollar tree ribeye steak

The other side of this package is clear so you can see what the meat looks like. I noticed that the meat was totally freezer burnt and had a dark color to it. It look like it had been freezing for the past couple of years. It was also soaking in a solution.

 I drained the solution and removed it from the package.

In the pic, the steak is about 1/2-1inch thick compared to the steak that I purchased. The steak that I bought is almost the width of a sheet of computer paper.


I decided since I am trying this meat, I will soak it in some vinegar to get rid of that old solution. I  also thought maybe it would change the color and give it some life.

I rinsed the vinegar off after 1 minutes.

It slightly changed the color but the discoloration was still visible.

I sprinkled dried basil,

some garlic salt

a little bit of rotisserie seasoning.

I placed it on the grill and cooked it for 1 minutes or until it was finely brown

It was very easy to cut but the meat was dry.

I brushed some barbecue sauce on both sides.

dollar tree ribeye steak review

My Thoughts 

After Tasting my Ribeye Steak,I can taste the seasonings. The meat still has an old taste to it. It sure does not taste like a Ribeye Steak.

Don't be alarmed, I did not get ill from it!

I would not purchase any frozen meat from a Dollar Tree.

What do you guys think?

Would you buy frozen raw meats from the

Dollar store?


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