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Update on Homegrown Indoor Garden

Update on Homegrown Indoor Garden

Just wanted to give you guys an update on my homegrown vegetables. The celery is coming along great and the peppers are flourishing nicely. I call them my girls. I will have to transfer them soon into a bigger pot so that they can have more room to grow. I keep them on the window seal in the dining area where they can get some sun light. 

I have been watering them twice a week. I placed a few sticks against the plants to prevent them from dropping since the stems are still in a fragile state. I can't wait to be able to use them in my dishes.

I was doing some research in the library on how to grow scallion/green onions. I use this vegetable to make my green seasoning and it one of the main ingredient in my seasoning and marinating. I read a few articles and books and I will try to grow some of my own. I will be overjoyed if it is successful. Well guys I will keep you up to date in a few weeks on the growth of the vegetables.

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