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PureLyft Fruit Infused water

PureLyft Fruit Infused water

pureLYFT  Energy Stir Stick is all natural with clean caffeine.  It is made with a well known ingredient which is " Green Coffee Beans".You can stir it into any drink. Don't get any ideas of stirring it into your martini.In this recipe, I will show you how I used one of my energy sticks in my favorite fruit infusion. I love the healthy benefits such as the vitamins. Don't worry the taste is neutral so you would not taste it in your drink.

Fresh drink before infusion!

You will need

1 McIntosh apple

1 Mango

Purified water or bottle water

A tumbler of your choice

Overnight Prep

Cut apple in cubes and freeze 

Peel mango, cut into small pieces and freeze

1 PureLYFT Energy Stir stick

Making the infusion:

Remove all the cut up fruits from the refrigerator

Place the frozen apples at the bottom of the tumbler

Add the pieces of mango

Pour water to fill up your tumbler

Pill back the sticker on the stick over the drink

Stir in the PureLYFT Energy Stir Stick for 15 seconds

Cover and infuse in the refrigerator

for a couple of hours.

Enjoy your healthy refreshing drink!

Finished Fruit Infusion!

This video tutorial is a collaboration with pureLYFT.

Video tutorial in the link below:


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