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How to Cook Caribbean Fried Plantain

How to Cook Caribbean Fried Plantain

Fried Plantain is a Caribbean side dish.It is often served with rice and peas with curry.It is a very simple and quick recipe that only requires 2 ingredients.

You will need the following ingredients:

1 Large Yellow plantain

Vegetable oil for frying


Cut off each end of the plantain

With a sharp knife slit the skin of the plantain

from one end to the other end

Place both  thumbs in the slit in the middle

of the plantain

Use your thumbs to peel the plantain

Place it on a cutting board

Preheat oil in a deep frying pan

Make thin slices by cutting the plantain

in a slant position.

There are two techniques to see if the oil is ready

1) Add one slice of plantain into the oil

    If it starts to bubble then it is ready

2) Another technique is to add a pinch of flour

and watch for bubbles

Once the oil is ready, add the plantain slices

one at a time

As soon as the ends are brown, flip them over

by using a flat spatula

Place two sheets of paper towel in a flat dish

or a serving  plate to drain the excess oil

Remove plantain slices from the oil

and place them on the paper towel.

Serve as a side dish or a snack.


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