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Where to buy a :Raw Cookie Dough Ice  Cream Cone in  NYC

Where to buy a :Raw Cookie Dough Ice Cream Cone in NYC

The viral buzz in NYC is the grand opening of  "Cookie Do NYC".

The New York residents are going bananas. One would say what is so special about this "Cookie Do NYC" shop." When I hear cookie dough, I think about baking homemade cookies. Would you believe me if I tell you that  "Cookie Do NYC" serves cookie dough in an ice cream cone or a bowl. Pounds and pounds of cookie dough are freshly made daily. The flavors are endless including 2 of my favorite, sprinkles and chocolate chips. 

They have their own unique cookie dough mix ingredients compared to the common ingredients that most of us use to make our favorite cookies.

Some of their ingredients include pasteurized eggs and pretreated flour. That's what makes it safe for us to eat. For those that have allergies such as gluten or lactose intolerant, there is a cookie dough just for you. Did you know that you can drink cookie dough? I know that you are probably shaking your head thinking this is insane.Trust me I thought the same. The "Cookie Do  NYC"  shop also turns your favorite cookie dough  into a delicious milkshake decorated with your favorite toppings. I was so amazed to see a sandwich on the menu board made out of cookies  and stuffed with cookie dough, just like an ice cream sandwich.

There is so much creativity in this this "Cookie Do NYC" shop. Imagine taking the kids to this shop, they would wild out  as if they were in a toy store. 

The workers had a filled busy 1st day on the job.Some expressed that it was an overwhelming day.Due to the large crowd of customers on their Grand Opening day, the workers had to put a ticket system in place. The lines were extremely long. There were even a line of customers across the street from the shop.

The google reviews are mostly positive with a 5 star. One of the main complaints is the amount of cookie dough served. Some customers issue were that the amount was to much for one serving; which resulted in trashing the remaining dough. 

The other complaint was the wait time. Some customers expressed that the lines to get into the "cookie Do NYC" shop were extremely long. Also some were not to fond with the ticket system to meet every customer's needs.

But the overall, the Google reviews from their customers were that the "Cookie Dough" tastes amazing. Some even expressed that the cookie dough took them back to their childhood.They remembered when they use to eat raw cookie dough as a kid.

If you are in the New York city area, go and experience your favorite cookie dough flavor  in a cone or a milkshake at the "Cookie Do NYC" shop.

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