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Lexington Market, My favorite Place to Eat in Baltimore

Lexington Market, My favorite Place to Eat in Baltimore

I resided in Baltimore Maryland a few years ago. There was this one particular market located in downtown Baltimore called "Lexington Market",that I visited often. There was a documentary giving" Lexington Market" full recognition for being the oldest market in Maryland but also in the U.S.


Lexington Market is located a few blocks from a well known hospital called John Hopkins. One of the perks that I enjoyed about Lexington Market was the fresh produce from their vendors as well as their fresh seafood. As you know Baltimore is known for their fresh blue crabs. During the summer months, I would purchase 1 large box of fresh live blue crabs every every weekend from one of the seafood vendors.

When I worked 12 hours shift at John Hopkins,I would walk to "Lexington Market" during my lunch break. There was a vendor at that time, that use to make the most delicious"Shrimp Po boy Sandwiches" to die for. Then I would stop by another merchants to buy a fruit salad bowl. Lastely for my sweet tooth, I would stop by this vendor that had a bakery with fresh homenade deserts.This Market has so many food vendors with endless take out hot cooked meal choices at very affordable prices.The hospital staff would often purchase their lunches from Lexington Market instead of the hospital cafeteria.

Lexington Market has everything including apparel, footwear, beauty products, fresh fruits,  vegetables and baked goods. I remembered when I purchased my daughter's birthday cake from "Lexington Market". It was one of the best cakes that I ever bought for her. 

I do miss "Lexington Market" since I've relocated to another state.  I haven't found any markets similiar to this market.

Recently I came across a documentary recognizing "Lexington Market" as a legendary historian establishment. I am so happy that it was recognized as being  the oldest market in Baltimore Maryland.


Although it is known as one of the best markets in Maryland, I have a few shopping tips for someone who would like to visit.

Be very vigilant during your visit or shopping. Do not walk with large purses and keep your small purses close to your body. Due to the large crowd of shoppers, it is difficult for the police to keep track of the pick pocketers. Do not wear flashy jewelry and expensive purses to avoid having them snatched from you.

There is no parking for Lexington Market. There is off street metered parking. Unfortunately, parking is a challenge due to the fact that there are other businesses nearby. 

Don't let the cons discourage you from visiting "Lexington Market". Be aware of your surroundings and you would have a wonderful experience. If you ever stop in Baltimore Maryland,try one of their best hot cuisines including my favorite "Shrimp Po Boy sandwich" followed by a tasty homemade dessert.

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