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Vegetable Soup Recipe in a Crockpot

Vegetable Soup Recipe in a Crockpot

Soups are the best recipes and food to enjoy on a cold day or a cool spring night. I often make chicken soup, but I have never made my soups with no meat. My mom would tell me there is a first time for everything when she wants me to try something that I dislike. We wanted a break from eating meat and poultry. I had all the ingredients for this vegetable soup recipe; therefore, I did not have to go to the grocery store.

These are the ingredients in my vegetable soup


1 Pack of frozen mixed vegetables

3 Cups of organic chicken broth

1 Chicken bouillon cube

1 Pack of Grace chicken mix soup



A hand full of frozen or fresh sliced onion



A hand full of frozen or fresh chopped celery



A hand full of chopped carrots

Cooking the Vegetable Soup:

Place the vegetables at the bottom

of the crockpot

Add the chopped carrots

Add the chopped celery

Add the chopped onions

Add the pack of dry chicken soup mix

Add 1 whole chicken bouillon



Add the 3 cups of chicken broth

Cover the crockpot



Cook on high for 3hrs or until

the vegetables are soft

My vegetable soup came out absolutely

delicious and flavorful.

This recipe can serve 4-5 people

Serve hot with some crackers!



The question of the day:

What is your favorite soup?


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