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How to Make Shrimp Skewers on a Panini Maker Grill

How to Make Shrimp Skewers on a Panini Maker Grill

I resided in New York City for a great amount of years. My favorite street cart food use to be "Chicken Kabobs" also known as "Chicken on the Stick" or skewers.There was always a food cart at one of the street corners in Manhattan.So since I'm very fond of shrimps, I decide to make "Shrimp Kabobs". I did not want to light my outdoor grill at the time that I wanted to make this recipe. So I made them indoors using my "Panini Maker Grill." In this recipe I'll refer to them as kabobs.

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Here are the ingredients for this simple recipe:

2 cups of peeled medium shrimps

1/3 cup of Vinegar

1/3 tsp of Seasoned salt

1/2 tsp of Lemon pepper seasoning

1/2 pack of Sazon

1 1/2 tbsp of Green seasoning

12 Kabob sticks

(rinse under running water)


Place the shrimps in a bowl

Pour vinegar over the shrimps

Rinse under cool water

Add seasoned salt

Add lemon pepper seasoning

Add sazon 

Add green seasoning

Use a spoon or a spatula

to mix all the ingredients

Take a kabob stick and run it through

each shrimp twice using the pointy end

Start with the tail first then

the top of the shrimp to form a C shape

I have placed 5 shrimps on each stick

Continue until you have used all the shrimps



And placed them on a plate or platter

Spray some cooking oil on both sides

to coat the preped kabobs


Preheat the "Panini Grill"  on medium heat

Place 4 prepped kabobs on each side of the

on side of the preheated grill

starting with the left side



 Make sure to leave the empty part of the stick 

Sticking out of the grill ,which will enable you

to grab the kabobs

You should have a total of 8 Kabobs

on your panini maker grill

Close the panini grill and allow the kabobs to

cook until they are slighty brown

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Flip over the kabobs and lighltly spray

them with some cooking oil and close the grill

Continue to cook until both sides are grilled

then remove them from the heat

Snapshot 4 (10-17-2017 8-18 PM) (2).png

Repeat the same steps by

placing 4 additional prepped kabobs

You should have a total of 12 Shrimp Skewers

or kabobs

The video recipe is available in the link below:


My "Shrimp Kabobs"looked like

they where made on a charcoal grill

These "Shrimp Kabobs" can be served as an

appetizer with a dipping sauce of your choice!

Be sure to come back for the homemade

sauce recipe for these delicious

"Shrimp Kabobs"!

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