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How to Cook  Caribbean Style Fried Fish

How to Cook Caribbean Style Fried Fish

I thought you guys would like this simple seafood recipe.This "Caribbean Fried Fish Recipe" is for anyone from beginners to intermediate cooks. This recipe will show you 3 easy steps to cooking "Caribbean Fried Fish" with the best flavors and spices.

Fried Fish


You will need the following ingredients:

4 cleaned boneless whiting fish

Easy Seafood Recipe


2 tbsps of green seasoning

1/2 of a pack of sazon

Lemon pepper seasoning

Cajun seasoning

Dry bay leaves

1 cup of flour



1 cup of New Orleans Fried fish



1/2 cup of vegetable oil of your choice


1 large Hefty freezer bag


Cut each whiting in half

Place in a bowl and add 1/4 cup of vinegar

Set the fish aside for 1 minute



Rinse under cool running water

Add bay leaves to cover the whiting

Add 3 tablespoons of green seasoning

Add cajun seasoning

Add 1/2 pack of sazon

and mix all the ingredients

Set aside so that the fish can absorb the

flavors and spices.



Add both flour and breading mix

to the freezer bag

Shake the bag to mix both ingredients

The coating should have a slightley yellow tint



Add the marinaded fish one by one

into the freezer bag



Seal the bag tightly and shake

until all the fish is coated

Remove the coated fish from the bag  

Dust off the excess coating and

Place the coated fish in a plate

How to Marinate Whiting fish



Preheat oil on high heat

Add coated fish one at a time



Once the edges of the fish are brown

Flip them over



Remove from the oil once both sides of the fish

are brown



Place on a plate or serving platter lined with

paper towel

To absorb the excess oil

from the "Caribbean Fried Fish"

Check out the video tutorial below for this

"Caribbean Style Fried Fish"

I served my "Caribbean Style fried fish with

some vegetable rice and a small tossed salad

covered dressed with some southern

ranch dressing.

Fried Fish diner plate


How do you like your fish? Do you your fish

fried, baked, grilled or steamed?


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