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Hamilton Smoothie Blender Review

Hamilton Smoothie Blender Review

This blender comes in four pieces:

A base 

A double blade

A glass mug with measurements engraved into the glass 

A cover with 2 spurs to pour to prevent spills

It has a 

4 functions


Milk shake mix

Blends all fruits and frozen yogurts well along with ice cube.

Drink is creamy and smooth

Takes about 45 seconds

Auto Smoothie

Ice is well blended with fruits to give you a smooth ice cold drink on a hot summer day.

Takes about 45 seconds

Turns off automatically once done.

Puree icy drink

Pulse ice crush

Bad experience

I was only able to use it for 2 smoothies.

I woke up one morning to make my smoothie it crushed the ice once, powered off and never came back on.

As you guys are aware, i purchased a warranty which was suppose to replace it if anything malfunctions.

I called the number and to my surprise was told that they are unable to replace it. They did offer to reimburse the cost but not the warranty . They also informed me that the company for this brand "Hamilton Beach" has no warranty on its products.

I returned it and got my money back.

Hamilton Beach Blenders & Juicers

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