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5  different Ways I use lemons  daily

5 different Ways I use lemons daily

Lemons can be used for a variety of things It can be used for cooking or beverages. I use lemon juice in  all my recipes. I have even used it as a home remedy. I am going to list five things that I use lemons for.

I cleanse all my meat and poultry before I cook them by covering them with lemon juice. I allow the meator poultry to sit for a few minutes and I rinse it off under some cool running water. I basically use it like a disinfectant, to remove some of the blood and bacteria. I am unaware of how long my meat has been sittng in the package before I purchased it.

How to clean chicken with lemon

I use lemons whenever I am preparing seafood. I use the same technic as the one I use during my meat and poultry preparation. The lemon juice reduces the ocean scent from the seafood. It gives it a fresh citrus scent.

Why do we use lemon on seafood


 I use lemons to prepare lemon water to stay hydrated during the day.I will admit that I am one of those folks who do not like the taste of water. Therefore, I would make myself either a sports bottle or a cold glass of lemon water. I would slice a lemon in thin slices and add them to my water. It adds flavor to my water so that it would not have a bland taste.

How to make lemon water


During the hot summer months, I love to make myself a cool glass of lemonade.It usually would cool my body down on the days where the heat is unbearable outdoors. It gives me a refreshing feeelling.

How to make lemonade


I use it as a home remedy for  myself and my family, During the cold and flu season, I use lemons for lemon tea mixed with honey. I also mix some lemon juice with honey for coughing caused by cold symptoms.

hoq to use lemon in tea

Do you use any oe of the 5 different ways I use lemons? So guys comment and let me know!

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